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Broker Feature: Winson Lam

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By: Carissa Siy

Flexibility is crucial to longevity. If we can learn to swim along temperamental currents and sway amidst the fickle wind, we are sure to land gracefully exactly where we were meant to be. And what’s more, the journey will be light!


This is exactly what has transpired for Winson Lam, and through the process, multifaceted growth showed up as a welcomed by-product. Starting out with a keenness to earn and build a net worth, Winson discovered a true passion in helping his clients purchase their homes, one family at a time. These regular doses of fulfillment have proven to be so addicting that his business has now spanned across generations.


Winson shares: “We are in an ever changing environment and I believe we need to be able to adapt to changes”. His experiences display an impressive array of roles and business plans that he continuously and effortlessly morphs through, always looking ahead and never skipping a beat.


From HSBC to RBC to the yoga studio, to the pool and the wide open road on his bike, Winson has a broad spectrum of tales and learning to share. Ultimately, he has landed with us at Clear Trust Mortgages, where creativity and reinvention flourish along with a shared vision of moving forward. Do take some time to chat with Winson as you may find more things in common that you think.


We at Clear Trust Mortgages, celebrate each other and we are a professional family that is always happy to collaborate ideas, lend support and inject inspiration from our combined experiences! Happy soft landing, Winson. Now get back on the runway and take flight!