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Broker Feature: Gunn Ong

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Gunn Ong

By Carissa Siy

Family. A word with many meanings; the most important of which is that with family, we are never alone. In as much as we are recipients to all its goodness, we are just as much called upon to give of ourselves, which paradoxically, is family’s greatest gift.

Ong Teng Gunn knows this all too well, for his is a journey through revolving doors, each one leading back home to us at Clear Trust

Hunger during childhood. Being raised by an amazing single mom. Elders’ incessant condescending voices. The perpetual cycles of
failure, reinvention, persistence and breakthrough. His stories are laced with these themes and his impressive courage to share with
such transparency is disarming.

Today, Gunn enjoys the freedom of running his own business and how this brings opportunities to give back. He has defined what success means to him and we are the lucky recipients of his generous, cooperative mindset and energy at the office.

Gunn understands that learning in life’s many categories has spill-over effects as each one is integral to our cohesive whole. His career
highlights are more about moments of making consequential differences to his clients rather than numbers on a spreadsheet. This
is significance over “success”. To him, personal and professional development are congruent. Universal truths apply as he likens 2
passions to each other: cooking and mortgages, both of which, he says, need proper planning, strategizing and executing.

“I am happiest when I am at work. When you find your passion as I have, you don’t have to work anymore”. So true and very well said,

Gunn has created an environment wherein growth thrives. He has found his groove with us at Clear Trust Mortgages; and we could not
be more pleased. “Ohana! Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.”