Clear Trust Mortgages



  • “We are first time buyer. My wife and I do not know or haven met Vu before this. I got stuck and asked Derek Kai for help. He said he used Vu. Vu was patient, professional and kind. My wife had concerns and wanted a zoom meeting. Done. Our paper work was sent in Saturday morning and got the verbal ok from Vu on Monday afternoon and full paper work package on Tuesday, as he said this would happen. I went through my ING/Tangerine and it was glacial speed. I went through a lady named Cheryl and there were things I asked for in writing and no replies. Our place was 470. We had 20 plus for a down payment. I know we are small fry but a consummate professional is someone who treats all his customers like they got the fiduciary responsibility to take care of us …. Vu is your kat … that’s a k on purpose… killer mortgage broker. Thank you from the Vutran Klan”

    Phillip Vu-Tran
  • My mortgage came up for renewal recently, and due to miscommunication with a bank, I ended up in a bind as the due date approached. Clear Trust not only solved the problem for me, that got me better-than-expected terms. And they kept me fully informed of their progress throughout the process. Top notch capability with great customer service!

    R. Valdes
  • This is the place to go for your mortgage. The Clear Trust team really know their stuff to get the job done!

    K. Au
  • I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve been telling everyone what you were able to do for me.  Thank you thank you, David! I deeply appreciate your efforts.  I appreciate how hard you had to work for my application.

    Without a doubt, I will need a stack of your business cards to refer to all of my patients and everyone in my circle. Thank you.