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Broker Feature: Anthony Zhang

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A stands for Attitude. It also stands for Anthony, as Anthony Zhang’s secret weapon is his A+ attitude!  From A to Z, along Anthony’s journey, adventure brings success through his distinct and admirable  beginner’s mindset. In the beginner’s mind, curiosity lives with undertones of humility,  and so possibilities abound. While in the expert’s mind, expectations define only limited options.


A mortgage expert with a beginner’s mindset is a potent combination with a bright and exciting future. And what better way to have discovered your brokerage home than to have first been a client yourself?  This full circle journey is  how Anthony Zhang found his way to Clear Trust Mortgages, and we could not be more pleased with serendipity. Actions do indeed speak louder than words!


Anthony has dreams. He sets expectations, plans and goals. The ability to help others help themselves brings him fulfillment. The more the merrier actually, as Anthony speaks fondly of the thrill of presenting to a crowd 500 strong. Nothing overwhelms him as he firmly believes that any hurdle can be overcome. With peace of mind, passion, and a perpetual yearning for learning, nothing is  poised to get in the way, not even Anthony himself. Let’s learn from his example and get out of our own way too, shall we?