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Broker Feature: Jessica Kuan

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By: Carissa Siy

There’s something about Jessica. There’s that sparkle, that spunk and that smile.

As one of Clear Trust’s youngest leaders, Jessica speaks like an old soul. She talks about the multifaceted aspects of growth as a driving force: not just her own, but also that of her clients’.  Her drive for continuous learning and sharing is not only palpable but ever so contagious! Her motto suggests “good energy attracts good energy”. Hence, it is no surprise that Jessica in on a perpetual cycle of setting, achieving, and re-setting her goals.

She is inspired by her grandfather, whose sincere and intense conviction to provide for generations has brought his dreams to fruition. He and her grandmother showed the family what true partnership was all about. This is evident in Jessica’s mindset.

Despite a busy schedule, she ensures to prioritize her health, family, friends and beloved dog, Skittles. In an industry that involves active networking, Jessica also cherishes quiet time and enjoys reading, nature and sport.

What is essential to success? Jessica sums it up in one word: GRIT – for she and generations before her are attestations to this. Whatever it is you do, you need to have discipline; you’ve got to have heart; and most of all it’s sheer grit that will take you through.

First time home buyers are close to her heart and she feels that insured mortgages should have an amortization of 30 years. Jessica consistently and confidently champions her clients’ applications as she looks forward to being by their side though their evolution of home ownership and life.

Clear Trust Mortgages was the answer to Jessica’s search for a career that would blend her desire to do finance and real estate while helping others. To this combination, she adds her own amounts of skill, talent, courage and compassion. You know what they say when all the right ingredients come together in just the perfect amounts … Jessi-kaboom!