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Broker Feature: Vincent Tong

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Vincent Tong

By: Carissa Siy

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This can be said of Vincent Tong who grew up surrounded by exposure to Real Estate and Lending. It was only natural then, that Vincent would develop an innate aptitude for helping his clients reach their real estate goals. His secret to making it all look so easy? By having a truly authentic sense of delight as he nimbly navigates through the ins and outs of mortgage brokering. In his word: FUN! Don’t be fooled about his level of seriousness however, as he also exudes a palpable sense of principle.

An avid cook and foodie, keen and curious traveller, multi-lingual kick boxer, natural entertainer, easy going hard worker, lover of life, Vincent touches our hearts by so proudly speaking of his mother as his greatest inspiration. It takes a grounded fellow to say “my mom is the definition of a strong, inspirational woman who is kind, intelligent, generous …” Vincent defines success as achieving “life without reservations” and the pursuit of this dream not only for himself but also for those he cares for, is what drives him. He sees freedom as a gift to be afforded and one he wishes to share. … And to share by the way, is yet another item in Vincent’s list. A tireless organizer of the Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend in support of BC Children’s Hospital, Vincent’s generous energy proved contagious as he drew the support of his Clear Trust Family during this year’s 30th Anniversary Dinner.

Vincent, as you advocate for these children in need you show us that indeed: “No Man Stands So Tall As To When He Stoops To Help A Child”