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Broker Testimony: Chloe Dong

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  • A part of Clear Trust’s award winning team, Win Lui Group.
  • Top 10 Mortgage Brokerage in Canada,  8 years.
  • TD Lenders Choice Award.
  • Scotiabank Lenders Choice Award.
  • One-Stop Lenders Choice Award.
  • Ect

“Choosing the right platform/company is the key to lead you to a successful career. I love the friendly environment at Clear Trust. It is a big family that everyone where willing to help each other. People are genuine, supportive, and positive.”  – Chloe Dong, July 2020.

“很庆幸能够成为Clear Trust大家庭里的一员。正确的平台不但能让事业得到快速的发展,除此以外,这个大家庭里的每一员都非常真诚友好,愿意给予彼此帮助和鼓励,氛围舒服。我相信这也是其中的原因为什么Clear Trust Mortgage能迅速稳定发展。” 一起加油吧

With our family-like environment at Clear Trust, we put our brokers first so they are fully equipped to support our clients.

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