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Broker Feature: Yeni Kim

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Yeni Kim

By Carissa Siy

A mal tiempo, beuna cara! (During tough times, a brave face!) To our Spanish, Korean and English speaking Yeni, life was not always easy. As a young child and new immigrant to Canada, a stroke that left her father handicapped on half of his body presented them with seemingly insurmountable challenges. How do you go on? Financially, almost all was lost. Yet, she speaks of this experience with pride and gratitude as she refers to her father as her greatest inspiration.

No doubt this experience helped shape Yeni to be the achiever she is today. She speaks of lofty goals and claims them with success. Her business mission revolves around care and attention to her clients as she so generously takes the time to ensure that they fully understand their products. An avid gym buff, Yeni demonstrates that hard work in any area of life inevitably spills over to the whole. From Hip-hop to K-pop, to a strong body, mind and spirit, we witness Yeni’s not so secret success formula which includes a love for God, family, food and fun! Through Yeni, we witness one of life’s great lessons: out of adversity, comes growth and success!