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Broker Feature: Selina Zhang

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By: Carissa Siy

It’s all about how you see things, and looking on the bright side  makes all the difference!  Some fundamentals never change. Coupled with the ability to roll up your sleeves and delve deeply into good ol’ fashioned hard work, success is sure to follow.


Selina Zhang is another client-turned-broker who has invested her fair share of diligence in learning the trade. It was not easy leaving her previous job of 10 years to challenge herself outside her comfort zone, but the pay off is that Selina has found a new passion in being integral to her clients’ home-buying experience. She speaks proudly about relishing the feeling of providing solutions and strategies along with support and assistance to help make dreams come true.


She loves the varied and diverse aspects of being a Mortgage Broker and welcomes the flow and movement as a way to maintain balance. Balance is a big word. Its concept defines our universe and it is one of the key factors of a successful and well rounded lifestyle.


Sympathetic but unfazed, Selina finds the many silver linings brought upon by the Covid pandemic: retail slow down = e-commerce on steroids; shutdown of restaurant dine-ins = home based family meals and creative delivery take outs; more folks online = increased opportunity to reach them via social media. “I believe now is a time of innovation and I am totally up for that” , says Selina.


Another reason why Selina is so keen? She recognizes that in honing her business skills and pushing herself towards continuous growth as a broker with Clear Trust Mortgages, she inevitably will become a more reliable, accountable and trust worthy person, all around. This is exactly what she would like to be for her peers and family as well. We could not agree more, Selina!