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Broker Feature: Parm Rattan

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By: Carissa Siy

Positively no boundaries can take many meanings, all of which apply to Parm Rattan. Parm believes in the power of networking: people supporting people, looking beyond the self. Cooperation over competition, and the power of collaboration create a force whose whole is always much greater than the sum of its parts. As such, networking is a focus and an integral part of his business.


No boundaries also means being of help to clients in more ways than one. Parm’s accounting background offers his own magic touch as he advises his clients beyond mortgage rates and terms. He aims to educate his clients, empowering them with the security that knowledge brings. To Parm, smart mortgage solutions and home ownership provide a doorway into the next chapter of their lives.


An avid sports fan, Parm understands the respectability of sport, translating its lessons and applying them to the game of business and life. Discipline is a must as he starts his mornings in the gym. What fortifies the body feeds the mind and soul. This mindset carries over to other aspects of life as the muscle of discipline is not singular in nature.


Reading, networking and constant learning constitute regular activities as Parm believes in growing through exposure. He says “your network is your net worth” and refers to meeting new people,  and building long term trusting relationships as being his favourite part of being a mortgage broker. To Parm, success means overcoming challenges and maintaining steady growth. Indeed such consistent daily triumphs and accumulation of learning equate to success being a practice for life rather than a destination of life.


Trust is paramount as he identifies it as the most valuable aspect of his job. Clearly, you’ve come to the right place, Parm! And we proudly support your growth as you in turn, support your clients’. Truly, no boundaries.