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Broker Feature: Moses Lam

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Choose your mentors wisely for their movement guides your direction. Moses Lam has done well under the direction of our very own Vu Le; and this apparently, is exactly how our work-family grows.


Moses is new to Clear Trust Mortgages and represents our Alberta office. Having worked around Vu during the banking days, Moses felt a natural comfort coming on board. It’s called Trust. Clear Trust.


As transparent as glass, Moses is truly authentic with no apologies. His “what you see is what you get” vibe instantly puts one at ease and his sense of humour disarms. Before you know it, you are laughing with Moses just like old friends, even if you just met.


Moses speaks candidly about the challenges of starting this new business in Alberta, the uncomfortable ambiguity amidst COVID times, and our current disheartening global state. He finds strength in staying focused on what drives him forward on a daily basis: love for family; dedication to clients; and a non negotiable desire to be healthy and happy. He is clear about this mission which is to provide his customers with the best level of service possible. We’re with you, Moses!


With a hobby like target shooting, Moses would be no stranger to what it takes to beat the odds. Most fundamentals overlap, so as long as you are keenly aware, composed and concentrated,  you will hit your targets just fine.  Easy does it, steady as she goes, aim, breath, squeeze … Bullseye!

By: Carissa Siy