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Broker Feature: Kfir Gal

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By: Carissa Siy

To see the trees amidst the forest. To trust your gut and act on it. To be granular as opposed to general. To respect the process of progress. To fear bees. To maintain high standards and an open heart. To be Kfir Gal.

New to our world of Mortgage Brokers, Kfir has wasted no time to find momentum. With a mentor like Daniel Finkelberg, this is of no
surprise. After a brief study on our industry, it took Kfir 5 minutes to decide on his next chapter, with certainty. His intent to do
“meaningful work and truly help drive the economy” by helping people with their financing needs, serves as driver. What better
motivation can one have, than the realization that we are all part of something much grander that ourselves?

Kfir values fitness and enjoys basketball, as he understands the benefits of a sound body’s influence on the rest of our minds and
spirit. He appreciates a good pick-up game as a chance to meet others and build his business.

On that note, BUILD is a mindset that Kfir embraces as he applies the concept of slow and steady/ one step at a time. With his goals
established, his steps are deliberate and his patience keeps him focused and unfazed. Master yourself and in so doing, you help
make this place a better world.

Kfir believes that more support should be offered towards the plight of single mothers. This guy has a big heart.
After a long lineage of extremely established Rabbis in his family, it is no wonder that Kfir has his feet on the ground while his head
focused on finding success through service and influence.

Easy does it, Kfir, keep growing and stay your course for indeed it has been said that the greatest leaders were all Servant Leaders.
We at Clear Trust Mortgages believe in Servant Leaders.