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Broker Feature: Janice Lee

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By: Carissa Siy

Oh the many layers of Janice Lee! What we know of our Managing Partner at Clear Trust Toronto is apparent: Janice is a truly capable, strongly driven, results oriented, fun loving foodie. She cares deeply about being able to deliver the best mortgage solutions to her clients and believes this is effectively done by educating them towards empowered choices. Beneath the layers however, we find even more treasure born out of a childhood dream of “when I grow up, I want to have a family and be successful”.

With Korean heritage and a special affinity to her hometown of Toronto, Janice speaks of building a team guided by genuine care to do what’s right; her new-found love in her baby daughter and a gratitude for family with a desire to care for them.

To speak for those who have no voice. To succeed in all you set out to do. To place God front and center. To own her definition of success and to be one who never wavered from her childhood dream. These passions and priorities have shaped the Janice we know and through her we see that childhood dreams do come true!