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Broker Feature: Alex Pang

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Have no fear of failure. Keep failing forward and you shall FLY!


Through his journey, Alex Pang shows us that with faith, courage and an open mind, nothing is out of reach.


Financial literacy is a passion and he certainly walks the talk. From his early 20’s, drawn by a curiosity about the passive income concept to his current calling to be a superb Mortgage Broker, Alex helps clients not only purchase their homes, but also find financial freedom. He shows us that when you live in integrity, a magical flow pushes you forward … as far forward as Paraguay!


Through Global Aid Network, Alex recently achieved a dream of participating in a humanitarian mission. There, he provided financial literacy training to local women entrepreneurs. The mandate was to “Give a hand up, not a hand out”. Well done, Alex. You make us proud.


An avid volleyball player and video gamer, Alex is no stranger to the art of strategy.  Along with his love for God and family, his drive to achieve his goals set forth, his commitment to good health, and a keen awareness of his WHY,  Alex inspires us to be our best whole selves. He welcomes challenges as invitations to his next stage of growth.


His advice to new brokers: Find a mentor, read books or listen to podcasts. Network. Own the mindset of a business owner.

Be resilient, persistent and fail forward.


As a child, Alex aspired to be an astronaut. Today, this family man and father of 2, has skydiving on his bucket list. There seems to be a theme of flying. Keep up the dreams and the goals, Alex! In many ways, you have already taken flight. Fly High!